Advanced Treatments for Degenerative Arthritic Lower Back Conditions

Suffering from lower back pain can significantly hinder your daily life, and understanding the underlying causes, like degenerative arthritic conditions, is the first step toward relief. This guide provides an overview of the symptoms and the treatment options available, emphasizing the expertise of spine surgeons in managing this common yet complex condition.

Understanding Degenerative Arthritic Conditions of the Lower Back

Degenerative changes in the lower back, such as arthritis, can lead to chronic pain, nerve compression, and a range of symptoms including leg pain, numbness, tingling, and a general feeling of weakness or fatigue in the legs.

Non-Operative Treatments

Before considering surgery, several non-operative strategies can be effective in managing symptoms:

  • Medications: Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs can reduce discomfort and swelling.
  • Physical Therapy: Tailored exercises strengthen back muscles, increase flexibility, and support spinal health.
  • Activity Modification: Learning how to avoid motions that aggravate the pain can be a crucial strategy.
  • Spinal Injections: These can provide both diagnostic information and relief, helping to pinpoint the pain source and reduce inflammation.

Surgical Interventions

For some patients, surgery may be the best option to alleviate pain and restore function. The following surgical options are available:

  • Decompression Procedures: Removing or trimming parts of the bone to relieve nerve pressure and alleviate pain.
  • Stabilization Surgeries: Using screws, rods, and fusion to stabilize the spine, often necessary in more advanced cases of degeneration.

It is important that your surgeon be facile with all these different procedures so that they can pick the correct procedure for your underlying issue.

Choosing the Right Approach

The decision about which treatment or procedure is best depends on the individual’s specific conditions and symptoms. Engaging patients in this decision-making process ensures they are well-informed about the benefits and risks, aligning the non-operative or surgical strategy with their personal health goals and lifestyle, to achieve optimal outcomes.


Effective management of degenerative arthritic conditions in the lower back requires a personalized approach, considering both non-operative and surgical treatments. If you’re struggling with back pain, consulting with a spine specialist can provide clarity on your condition and the best path forward.

Dr. Charles A. Gatto is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon who specializes in all aspects of spine surgery.


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